leif podhajsky

We normally reserve this space to feature magnificent artwork from a single record label, but we recently came across the works of designer & creative director Leif Podhajsky and our minds were immediately blown! We could have done a full on feature with his collages, illustrations, and screen-prints. instead, we chose to focus only on the work he’s created for record labels over the past few years. Perhaps coincidentally, his creations have been gracing the covers of some of our recent favorites, which without a doubt solidifies the theory that sounds and visuals must go hand in hand to form a complete package.



Now living in London, Leif has made a name for himself with covers that exude psychedelic and other-worldly elements for artists such as Lykke Li, Tame Impala, Shabazz Palaces, and most recently Young Magic; all of which might seem very diverse at first, but if you take a closer listen you’ll undoubtedly find similar sonic palettes in their works. Exploring themes such as nature, interconnectedness, and the unknown.



Leif’s work has been exhibited in various cities across the globe, including Melbourne and Berlin. Most recently he’s been hard at work developing his own clothing line. To top it all off, he curates a mean blog called visual melt, which we definitely recommend you follow by clicking¬†here. If that wasn’t enough, he also records badass mixtapes full of experimental and “out there” sounds, which you can listen to¬†here.