boom music 016 w/ ben v

We went back to LFR’s Wilton Way Cafe studio to record our last show of 2015. This time we were joined by close friend of the CF family and fellow selector and music head Ben V, former collaborator at Shook Magazine and other music related projects. The selections feature music of all creeds and colours, with a heavy leaning on jazz. Do check under the player below for some words from Ben himself with regards to this particular selection.

Words by Ben V

Continuing the conversation, there’s a verse of the Tony Williams track I keep returning to: “There comes a time to wake up to what’s happening. There comes a time to get out of what’s happening I love you more than what’s happening…” And since music is the healing force of the universe, I’ve been trying to apply these lyrics to various situations. Looking back at the track list, one type of waking up and getting out is in relation to Europe and living inside this fortress of much comfort. The depth of denial or ignorance and “selective amnnesia” in addressing brutal histories really disturbs me. Colonialism was an actual thing. The wealth of/in Britain didn’t happen by chance. Questioning the mainstream media, the arms industry and connections to political elite in the UK is not conspiratorial, there’s enough institutional analysis to show how these bodies work together. As far as I can see, being away from the UK has helped me to see much, much clearer. And in collaboration work towards positive change(s). Enough words for now, the songs speak louder. Peace.