cf premiere: etienne de la sayette “keguli”

We’re excited to premiere Etienne de la Sayette’s beguiling fusion of postmodern spiritual Afro Cajun jazz and folk, ahead it’s release tomorrow.

We first came across Etienne de la Sayette via his fantastic ‘KOBUGI’ record last year, but his work goes back much further, both solo and with groups Akalé Wubé and Baeshi Bang.

Having been deprived of opportunities to perform live for over a year, for Etienne an essential activity, he slowly began to develop a new sound, whilst isolated in his studio. Taking an opposite direction from his recent work, which was full of analog synths, dusty drumboxes and other wha-wha clavinets, toward a stripped down, unplugged set-up.

Etienne tells us that “”Keguli” was imagined as a dreamlike tribute to the great Marvin Pontiac, tutelary figure installed at the top of the personal pantheon of our traveling cook.”

Etienne can be heard on harmonium, piano, kalimba, percussions, alto sax, flute and clarinet. Only joined by David Georgelet on drums. Artwork is by 2toon

From 23 March 2021 you will be able to buy “Keguli” on the Muju Records Bandcamp page.