cf premiere: rave at your fictional borders “jungle truffle” (live video)

Rave At Your Fictional Borders unveil mesmerising electro-organic sound in “Jungle Truffle” live video premiere

Rave At Your Fictional Borders’ music gradually emerged last year as an Athens based conceptual improvisational project led by multi-instrumentalist producer Dave De Rose in collaboration with sound artist Marius Mathiszik and a small selection of forward thinking musicians interested in exploring and expanding on the avant-garde-step tradition born out of De Rose’s long-standing Agile Experiments project. Knocking on the doors of creation aiming to deliver accessible experimental music that draws on a plethora of influences, their common goal is to deepen the commercial palette of the listening population while pursuing out-of-the-norm, alternative listens.

The early beginnings of the group have already borne fruit as the band recently released an EP, named ‘Potion Trigger’.

Potion Trigger by Rave At Your Fictional Borders

Overtime a strong connection and commitment to the project developed into a trio format, binding Marius and Dave with Sotiris Tsolis, a young, fiery Athenian drummer distilled from stylistic influences spanning extravagantly between modern jazz to progressive-punk. This formation coalesced over the summer of 2023 with the trio working together in many contexts reinforcing their connection and arriving to a collective output that is no longer led by any one member.

Filmed and edited by Nefeli Papaioannou, the live video for “Jungle Truffle”, their first single as a band, aims to represent their multifaceted experiences, intensions and sound.

Rave At Your Fictional Borders is now a band with an original sound and compositions drawn from an extremely broad church of musical influences encompassing avant-garde, noise, psychedelic jazz, techno and kosmische musik.

Rave At Your Fictional Borders are touring the UK across the following days with the following dates:

17 November at Pan-Pan in Birmingham

18 November at Jazzlive at the Crypt – Record launch party & part of the EFG London Jazz Festival

19 November at Whiskey Blue, Southampton, for the SMJC