cf premiere: thijsenterprise “another digital handshake”

Colectivo Futuro is delighted to premiere the animated music video Dutch saxophonist Thijsenterprise has made for “Another Digital Handshake”, one of the heaviest tracks off his new ‘Lahringen’ LP, one of firm favourites of late.

Starring a hybrid jazz-monster and sinister saxophone player, and for the heads: you might spot nods to the likes of Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Lounge Lizards, James Chance & Dutch jazz pioneer Han Bennink in this official music video.

The deep synth on “Another Digital Handshake” is inspired by Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog, used by Thijsenterprise as an electronic backdrop for his high-energy sax playing. An alternate take first appeared on his ‘Snits’ EP last year, boasting a bossa nova groove to lead the way to go back-and-forth between jazz improvisation and playing a melody. The album version of “Another Digital Handshake” is as raw as it gets. Exemplifying the rough clash of jazz, hip-hop production, grooves, and a punk ethos on his ‘Lahringen’ LP on Rucksack Records.

“The bassline gives me so many opportunities as a sax player,” says Reinier Thijs a.k.a. Thijsenterprise. “It takes me in any direction: from the role of a free-jazz saxophonist on the loose to a traditional funk musician who plays a repetitive melody to hum. Or, in this case, to shout along. In that sense, it has a jazz element to it, where according to the player any version can come out. Although for now, I stick to this album version. It definitely has balls of steel.”

Order ‘Lahringen’ HERE and download this single HERE

Animation & Video Design: VKNS
Cover artwork: Carla Osma Cortés