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We’re more than happy to share with you a recent interview we conducted with the two founders of the recently created Berlin Community Radio. Following a growing trend of online community radios popping up in cities left and right, Sarah Miles and Anastazja Moser have taken upon the task of erecting a platform with the goal of bringing together the different players influencing the creative scene of the city, as well as engaging them in a constant cultural exchange. Considering the wealth and diversity of cultural disciplines currently based in Berlin, a radio station covering all of them under the same roof is in turn a very interesting proposition and one that we are much intrigued by. BCR will be celebrating their launch party on June 2nd at the Prince Charles with a few of their residents, including Heatsick and Call Super.


CF: How did the idea of creating Berlin Community Radio come about?

We have been running an internet based talk show called Welcome To The Room for over a couple of years where we interview different artists who are visiting Berlin for a chat and to play some music – we are both big lovers of radio and always felt that this kind of show was really missing in Berlin. Having worked on the project for a while we then started to think about creating a full time station, one that would cover much more – a radio station that brings together all the budding and established creative communities that exist here. In New York and London there are so many great radio stations, and in our opinion Berlin needs one!

CF: At the moment you are using a recorded format for BCR shows, but the plan is to open a physical studio where you could stream shows live. How’s that coming along? Where will the space be located and what other details could you share with us about it?

Yes we are definitely planning to open a physical studio so that we can build a full time schedule and people can tune in live! Right now we are looking into different options, more will be revealed soon!

CF: For those who are not familiar with BCR, could you run us through some of its main players? What are some of the shows you are currently hosting?

We have so many great people on board and a bunch more on the waiting list that will be added once we have the full schedule. We have Call Super who is recording great shows and recently teamed up with Ben UFO for one episode. We have Finn Johannsen who works at Hardwax and is a general music expert, we’d also like to give a shout out to him for being the most on time delivering contributor.

Then Hunee, who is basically the best guy and really rising to prominence recently, and then Urban Mutations and CreamCake who present various bass music off shoots and host really cool parties in the city. The Pueblo collective also have a great party and show, and Marcus Fink from Pampa. Then there is Steven Warwick aka PAN’s Heatsick with an art talk show and Tommy Tannock, a restaurant critic with a show about food in Berlin. We also have two great magazines on board, Lodown and Noisey, both presenting very interesting programming and of course us as Welcome To The Room with an extensive back catalogue of shows.


CF: The way people consume music nowadays seems to be focused on the immediacy of things and how quick people can access music be it via youtube, spotify, or any other service. Where do you think the radio format fits in this culture and how can it remain a relevant player in the music industry?

You’re right, immediacy is a key aspect in people’s lives these days, however it’s still important to have institutions or collectives who can help curate your consumption and be a guaranteed source for whatever you’re looking for. Having an infinite choice of possibilities that can be consumed immediately isn’t always a good thing, and it also requires active searching and looking. It’s great to be able to tune in somewhere and leave it playing, knowing you’re going to hear good things. People also still like to belong to communities, which all of these sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter prove, so to have a platform you can follow and listen to great music, as well as feel like you are part of a community is the perfect combination.

CF: If you could have any person in the world host a show at BCR. Who would it be and why?

Theo Parrish co-hosting a show with Andrew Weatherall would be the ultimate. Don’t think we need to explain that, are they friends?

We would also like to steal Ben UFO from Rinse, move to Berlin Ben! Also, Bill Nye with a Science show would be the bomb and Noam Chomsky interviewing a bunch of Berlin radicals and giving them a lesson on anarchy.


CF: What is your favorite thing about being based in Berlin?

The little village feel of the city. The canal nearby, bumping into friends and that little bit of extra space both literally and in terms of time, to enable you to work really hard on what you want to do. People say that Berlin is a sleepy city, but we see it as fertile ground that still has so many possibilities to develop and opportunities to create things that don’t exist yet.

CF: What sort of role do you see BCR playing for the Berlin music and arts community? Where do you see it a few years down the road and what do you wish to accomplish?

We would love BCR to become Berlin’s creative business card and the community meeting place both in cyberspace and real life.