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  • Andrew Khosravani
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We recently got acquainted with Andrew Khosravani’s work through the Wu-Tang Is For The Children exhibition held in East London. Andrew’s illustrations of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Raekwon, and Method Man were the real highlights of the large scale exhibition that paid tribute to the legendary hip-hop crew. Of Iranian/Brazilian descent, Andrew is a talented illustrator with a proclivity for psychedelic imagery and a stunning use of colour and detail in his pieces. Don’t miss our Colectivo Futurist interview with him below and do head over to his shop for some serious prints. Oh and also keep an eye out for a future collab between Mr. Khosravani and CF!


CF: Tell us a bit about yourself, when did you realize you wanted to be an illustrator and which steps did you take to make that happen?

I’m a 23  year old recent graduate of the London College of Communication where I studied Illustration and Visual Media. I’m not really sure when I decided to be an Illustrator, but I always knew I liked to make images. These days I particularly like to make images that move and have been working a lot in animation as well. My images are a bit psychedelic and they always seem to end up on stoner blogs with pictures of weed next to them haha.

CF: What were some of your early inspirations and what inspires you now?

Hieronymus Bosch, Egon Schiele, Henri Matisse, Odilon Redon all have greatly inspired me and continue to inspire me now. My friend Arran Gregory is a big influence on me too, his bold, powerful images of nature and wolves are so sick and nobody does black and white quite like him. Animator Maciek Janicki, illustrator Amelie Barnathan and all-round creative wizard Cristina Florit Gomila too!

“My images are a bit psychedelic and they always seem to end up on stoner blogs with pictures of weed next to them”

CF: How much does your Brazilian/Iranian/British heritage inform your work?

It’s great to come from a multi-cultural family, especially such an eclectic one. In terms of my work I have always had this surreal blend of imagery that I think comes from the diversity in my family. Combining elements that usually don’t go together is something that is ingrained in me I guess.

CF: If you could choose a soundtrack for your work, what would you choose?

Oohhh this is a hard question. My head says something psychedelic like Dead Meadow, but my heart says Purple Rain by Prince. I like a good love song.


CF: What is your favourite thing about living in London?

Its diversity, it’s a huge city that constantly changes and evolves so it is always fun to explore it.

CF: You recently participated in a Wu-Tang exhibition in London, what else do you have in store for 2014? Are there any projects or surfaces you would like to explore with your work?

The Wu Tang exhibition was super fun, I’m a big fan, so it was an honor to do it. At the moment, I have a big project I’ve been working on with illustrator / set designer, Cristina Florit Gomila. It’s going to be an animation / zine  style thing, which I think will be rad when it comes out. Also am going to be doing some mural work  this month as part of the Camden Create which will be great fun.

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