gaurab thakali is a colectivo futurist

When we recently checked out the Camberwell College of Arts degree show, we were immediately struck by the vivid jazz prints from Nepalese artist Gaurab Thakali. We obviously couldn’t resist to get in touch and make him our next colectivo futurist. His portrayal of jazz sceneries is quite unique and his prints will stand out in any room. For those in London, you can still catch Gaurab’s degree work at In Place Peckham until July 5th. For those reading from afar, we hope you enjoy our selection and interview with the man below.


CF: You’re originally from Nepal, how did growing up there influence your interest in art?

Growing up in Nepal was visually compelling in terms of culture and landscape. I used to live in the capital city, Kathmandu and it had lots of old monuments like temples, palaces and sites with amazing detailed engravings, sculptures and I always had huge admiration for the engravers and artists working on them.

CF: Where does your love for jazz come from? Why do you feel compelled to use it as the main theme for your work?

My friends who were studying Jazz music introduced me to it. Since then I have been listening and learning things about it. I first started listening to Miles Davis and instantly liked it and started listening to more jazz from different eras like Swing, Bebop, etc. The way my work was progressing from last year it was inevitable for me to make work about jazz and also being completely surrounded by it helped me decide.

“Growing up in Nepal was visually compelling in terms of culture and landscape”

CF: What can you tell us about your experience at Camberwell College or Arts? How was the illustration program influenced your craft?

It has been a great experience meeting people and being around people doing similar things. Printmaking at Camberwell was really good with brilliant technicians. The course provided the freedom, and encouraged me to explore and develop image-making techniques with great support from the tutors.


CF: If you could choose a soundtrack for your work, what would you choose?

The soundtrack for my work would be Bouncing with Bud by Bud Powell (bebop).

CF: What is your favourite thing about living in London?

At the moment probably the music and art scene in South London.

CF: Are there any surfaces you would like to explore in the future? What about any upcoming projects you are currently working on?

Preferably I would like to use more printmaking processes and work on more collaboration with artists and musicians. I also hope to find a studio space with friends that I have been working with for last 3 years. Currently I am working on our class’ external illustration show. The show runs until July 5th, for more details please checkout¬†In Place Peckham.

gaurab-thakali-colectivo-futurist-jazz-illustration-5-1024x718 gaurab-thakali-colectivo-futurist-jazz-illustration-9-1024x1024 gaurab-thakali-colectivo-futurist-jazz-illustration-11-1024x749 gaurab-thakali-colectivo-futurist-jazz-illustration-6-722x1024 gaurab-thakali-colectivo-futurist-jazz-illustration-4-1024x718 gaurab-thakali-colectivo-futurist-jazz-illustration-1-1024x856 gaurab-thakali-colectivo-futurist-jazz-illustration-3-1024x360 gaurab-thakali-colectivo-futurist-jazz-illustration-8-718x1024-1 gaurab-thakali-colectivo-futurist-jazz-illustration-7-742x1024