mesineto is a colectivo futurist

It’s always a pleasure to find artists who work so hard on their craft, but even more so to see them doing things by hand; hence why we’re thrilled to share the works of tireless collage artist Hugo Barros aka Mesineto. After following him for some time on tumblr, we finally reached out to ask him a few questions about what inspires his work, why he chose collage, and where he would like to go with his art form. Psychedelic, otherworldly, and abstract are just a few of the adjectives that could be used when describing Mesineto’s lively collages. His works simply send us on an interstellar mind trip each and every time. We hope you dig it too.


CF: Tell us a bit about yourself. When did you first start experimenting with art and what drove you to it?

I was born in a typical neighborhood of Lisbon called Alfama, where I spent my crazy childhood with my grandmother and over 18 cousins. I lived a few years in Spain, but it wasn’t until later, in the Algarve, when I had my first contact with art thanks to my mother’s fantastic bookshelf. She’s an Art History teacher. Then I moved on to college, but I quickly realized that this was not the way and that what I really wanted was to create.


CF: Where do you normally get your inspiration from? It seems that a lot of your works are somehow connected to images of outer space. where does this obsession come from?

I find inspiration in new music, contemporary and classic artists, poetry, the old man in the tavern. It’s a fact that the outer space topic is part of my work, but there are more variants.

CF: Why do you choose collage as a medium to express your ideas? what is it about collage that you find the most interesting?

I like collage as a medium because it is very experimental. It simply allows me to experiment without any specific end.

“I was born in a typical neighborhood of Lisbon, where I spent my crazy childhood with my grandmother and over 18 cousins”

CF: If you could choose a soundtrack for your work, what would you choose?

Right now I am revisiting Snöleoparden.

CF: What is your favorite thing about living in Lisbon?

I like the sense of neighborhood that exists in the most typical areas. Although it is a big city, people still communicate so much on a social level.

CF: What can we expect from your art in the future? Are there any themes or other media that you would like to explore?

I would definitely like to explore other materials and add a new dimension to my work.