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  • Paul Windle
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  • Arlington, USA
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Paul Windle is a Texas born illustrator and a recent graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington, with a BFA in printmaking and graphic design. Paul’s style comes from finding inspiration in friends who also make things, oddities sprawled across the city he lives in, as well as vivid childhood interests, such as 60’s-70’s era baseball, dinosaurs, and drifters. He has also been spending a lot of time and effort in his latest endeavor, winners! press: a collaboration between a group of friends focused on hosting events centered around the fun of making things with others and on creating limited runs of zines. He also collaborated with us in our Collective Futures NYC exhibition.


CF: who is paul windle? why did you choose print making and graphic design as a degree?

I just turned 23 yesterday! I’m from Arlington, Texas, I recently graduated from UT Arlington and I run Winners! Press a small zine publishing collective with my friends Spencer and Whitney. I started out as just a graphic design student but I began taking printmaking classes and really got into it. It had me thinking differently. I felt like printmaking was helping my design skills and vice versa so I just ended up doing both. Plus printmaking offered a lot more standing and walking around than graphic design did and I can’t sit still for long.

CF: where do you normally draw inspiration from? is there much of an arts scene in your current city?

I draw a lot of inspiration from my friends, things that I think are funny, things that happen to me, people I see, childhood memories… I recently broke my clavicle so I’ve been drawing a lot of dudes in slings. There’s a small but growing arts scene in Arlington. I think a lot of it comes from the school. Even though Arlington’s just a suburb, it seems to breed creative people. While growing up it seemed like all my friends were making art, in bands, shooting movies, or skateboarding. There just isn’t a whole lot to do so you kind of have to make your own fun.

“printmaking offered a lot more standing and walking around than graphic design did and I can’t sit still for long…”

CF: tell us about the recently founded Winners! Press collective. what sort of projects are you working on?

Whitney, Spencer and I had been doing some collaborative work like making screenprints and zines together so we just decided to come up with a name for it. Then we started hosting workshops and other events just as a way to get more people involved. Basically we started it because we like hanging out, meeting new people and making stuff.

Right now we’re working on a collaborative zine, with several people, called “Winners Losing” it’s the sequel to our last zine “Winners Winning” and we’re also preparing for our zine workshop tour, Zinescapes, which we were fortunate enough to receive a grant through UT Arlington to fund our trip up the west coast. We’ll be doing workshops starting in Arlington then on to Albuquerque, LA, and SF. We’ll also be at the Renegade craft fair in SF on August 1st! If you go, come say hi! We don’t have a booth but maybe there are name tags. If there aren’t name tags we’ll be wearing a red dress with a flower in our hair sitting on a bench, waiting patiently for you.


CF: if you could soundtrack your work, what would you choose?

It would start out with a few Jana Hunter songs, which ones I’m not sure, after that Peeps by TacocaT, then I’d sprinkle in and an episode or two of This American Life followed by the entire E.T. soundtrack and I’d end it with Hooka Tooka Soda Cracker, the Judy Henske version, but everyone I know would be singing along.

“I’m not really good at coming up with future plans. Does that make me a bad colectivo futurist?”

CF: what is your favorite thing about living in Arlington?

I have a lot of friends here. I also like spotting people who have the city of Arlington logo tattooed on them, and it’s easier to spot those people here.

CF: tell us about your future plans? what sort of projects would you like to find yourself entangled with?

Well, I have a doctor appointment this Friday other than that I’m not completely sure. I’m not really good at coming up with future plans. Does that make me a bad colectivo futurist? I’d like to be doing even more collaborative stuff with friends. I guess just more of the same stuff just on a grander scale.