el palmas: colectivo futurecast 086

We’re delighted to bring back the futurecast, with a 2 hour selection by fellow Venezuelan El Palmas. A long time resident of Barcelona, Spain and a veteran of the music industry, he recently launched El Palmas Music as a label and platform focused on rediscovering Venezuelan music, as well as sharing new music from exciting Latin artists.

CF: Tell us about the mix you’ve prepared for us

This is a live set I recorded at Switch Pocket club here in Barcelona a couple of months ago, completely improvised and all vinyl. This is the music that I am playing right now at the moment.

CF: We’ve been enjoying the releases on your label, El Palmas, from the compilation of experimental Venezuelan artist Angel Rada, to the salsapunk of Contento, via the incredible Color de Tropico compilations documenting Venezuela’s rich musical history. Can you tell us more about the label and your intention behind it?

The idea is to rescue a bit of our Venezuelan culture and our Latin American culture. This is on the reissue side as there are a lot of people rescuing Latin American music that’s not Latin, so we want to be one of those who take care of our heritage. On the new music side we believe we have a very strong crew of new talents that should get a chance to have their music out there, not only just releasing the music but having a strong speech out there. Besides this we also wanted to reconnect with our roots.

CF: How did you first get involved with music? Are there any other projects you’ve been involved with that we might not know about?

I started in 1999 in Caracas. I had a website that was in charge of promoting the electronic and rock scene of the capital, the site was called caracasyque.com. I was also making events, DJing and doing bookings, after that I opened a couple of record shops; one in Caracas and another in Barcelona, Spain and then a couple of record labels, one more disco (Apersonal) and the other one more deep house (Galaktika Rec), so I’ve been around 🙂

CF: You recently launched an online record store, collecting and selling Venezuelan music. What inspired you to launch it and what can prospective customers expect to find?

As I said before we want to rescue our culture and we also want to support the new generation, so the website has a plus, you can check in real time the records, as we upload pictures of the second hand and we have taken our time describing the record. So right now we are the only ones just selling this kind of music in one place that’s not Discogs and strictly Venezuelan.

CF: What do you like to listen to at home when you’re not listening to demos or planning a compilation? Can you share a few of your favourite albums past or present?

I listen to all kinds of music, it just depends on the mood. These albums are right now in my top list:

Raul Monsalve y Los Forajidos – Bichos – Olindo

Combo Guarajeo / Hermanos Vargas – Discodelic

All of the releases on the Jazz is Dead label

Sabor Surf – Venezuelan Surf Compilation – Compiled by El Dragon Criollo & El Palmas coming soon on El Palmas Music

CF: You were born in Venezuela, lived in the US and now have long resided in Barcelona. How have the various places you’ve lived affected your musical tastes or outlook?

Great question! It has changed me a lot, as Europe and USA is another planet compared to Venezuela. To be honest I think I’ve spent too much time here in Barcelona (18 years). Since the last 4 years I’ve been traveling to the Caribbean as much as I can, I am into the search of my roots and the connection with my country. I think I’ve become too European and I do not want that jajajaaj. I need more chaos in my life 🙂

CF: What’s your favourite thing about living in Barcelona? What would you recommend to someone visiting for 24h?

It’s a small city that has it all, great weather (sunny), beach, lots of culture and things to see plus great food. So if you have 24 hours just walk around 🙂

CF: How do you see nightlife evolving after the COVID pandemic? Do you think it will go back to what it was prior to it or do you hope to see some things changing for good?

It will go back to normal around October, that’s my verdict.