plátano estereo: colectivo futurecast 088

We’re delighted to share this next installment of our futurecast series by the hands and ears of up and coming digger and selector Michelle Ozza aka Plátano Estereo from Caracas, Venezuela. Michelle’s DJ sets cover a wide range of music, from latin funk to jazz fusion. On this occasion she chose to present a selection of her favourite music from the African continent.

CF: How and where was the mix recorded?

I put it together digitally by trying to include many snippets of the colourful and rich variety of music from the African continent. Including afrobeat, highlife, soukous and Congolese rumba, to name just a few. I titled the mix ‘Trip To Africa’.

CF: How did your interest for music begin? Where does your passion for vinyl come from?

My earliest memory of music is alongside my father. Just seeing him play his Telecaster guitar by night and hearing records by Sentimiento Muerto and Nirvana on the turntable when I hadn’t even reached 6 years old was without a doubt a breeding ground for music and in particular vinyl to become my biggest passion

CF: What’s your preferred method of music discovery currently? Do you use a digital platform or are there any radio shows you constantly tune in to?

I’m still diggin’ for records, but that’s not enough. Every platform for finding music is welcome in my eyes, even if it means reaching page 9 of a google search sometimes. I definitely lean into digital formats a lot, whether through blogs, Discogs, Soulseek, Spotify, Deezer or Youtube. I also like to use the Radio Garden platform frequently, I love the experience of being able to dive into other countries and their cultures by tuning into their radio stations

CF: What do you normally listen to at home? What are 3 of your current or all-time favourites?

The music I listen to at home varies a lot depending on the mood and what I’m doing at the time. There’s been long periods of time where I stick to a given genre, but other times I’m flip flopping across different styles. But generally speaking, I mostly fluctuate betwween Tropicalia and Latin jazz.

My 3 favourite records of all time are:

Fungus Amongus by Incubus

El Baquiné de Angelitos Negros by Willie Colón

África Brasil by Jorge Ben.

CF: What’s your favourite thing about living in Caracas?

Caracas is a very colourful city. I’m constantly amazed at seeing the multitude of different situations one can observe just by standing on any corner for five minutes. I really enjoy the contrast between its architecture and the sounds emanating from it. You can travel from a typical slum to a large avenue, and a block further you’ll find a Parisian building. The sounds of gas cylinders being unloaded from a truck, the grinder’s flute, and a motorcycle’s engine all going off at the same time; is just one example to illustrate the little details I like about this city.

CF: What can you tell us about the current music scene in Venezuela? Are there interesting collectives or bands you can recommend us?

I gotta say that even in the midst of a pandemic and following the exodus of many local artists, the scene is still alive and caters to many different tastes. I have definitely noticed a lot of new initiatives around vinyl, in the shape of record fairs and other events destined to the sale or trade of vinyl. Some recent, or maybe not so recent artists I can recommend are Ska Jazz Messengers, Motherflowers and Horus Tierra

CF: Are there any projects you’re currently working on that you’d like to share?

I would just suggest you follow me on Instagram on Plátano Estéreo (@platanoestereo) where I share reviews from my vinyl collection, rarities I find online, artists illustrations, and random mixtapes or sets from some events I have played at.