alexis: colectivo futurecast 024

This Futurecast edition is a very special one, as it features a recording by one of our most avid collaborators and supporters. Originally from Colombia, but currently based in Valencia, Spain; Alexis has been following our footsteps from the early CF days. To call him a DJ would be inaccurate, in our mind he’s more of a sound researcher and connoisseur. For this occasion, he has prepared a 70-minute selection of proper electro (the Detroit kind) that features both old and new cuts with a clear inclination for what they are nowadays calling bass musics.

Artwork borrowed from an animation by Oskar Fischinger.


01 Arne Weinberg (AW-Recordings, 2009)
02 Gerard Hanson (Frustrated Funk, 2007)
03 Theo Parrish (NDATL Musik, 2009)
04 Projektname Unbekannt (Uncanny Valley, 2011)
05 Andre Holland (Underground Resistance, 1995)
06 Boris Bunnik (Clone West Coast Series, 2011)
07 Nick Dunton (Open Mind Recordings, 2010)
08 Submersible Machines (Lunar Disko Records, 2010)
09 Anthony Shakir (7th City, 1998)
10 Kyle Hall (Hyperdub, 2010)
11 Zyntax (Zyntax Motorcity, 2099)
12 Andrea Parker (Quatermass, 2001)
13 Mark Stewart (Modern Love, 12″, 2006)
14 Gerald Donald, James Stinson (Underground Resistance, 1996)
15 Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia (KK Records, 1993)
16 Michael Diekmann (Zyntax Motorcity, 2009)
17 Mark Stewart (Ai Records, 2003)
18 Darren J. Cunningham (Werk Discs, 2004)
19 James Stinson (Flourescent Forest Rec., 1991)