baldo: colectivo futurecast 009

9th installment of the Colectivo Futurecast with our close friend Baldo, co-owner of Neovinyl Recordings and resident of Barcelona, Spain. His overall feel-good and contagious personality permeates throughout this 60 minute mix that will surely induce a smile on your face while you tap your feet along to the beat.

Artwork borrowed from a photo by Gjon Mili.

CF: how and where was this mix recorded?

It was recorded at home using Ableton live, since I currently don’t have any DJ equipment. It took me a few afternoons to complete between selecting the tracks & the actual mixing.

CF: having grown up in a small town in the south of spain, we are curious to know: what turned you towards music and DJing?

There’s something that most people don’t know about southern Spain… in the late 90s there was a surprisingly big breakbeat music scene… there were a lot of clubs in smaller towns and it suddenly became popular among my friends to DJ (it was either that or doing sports!). So they started buying vinyl and DJing in their homes, making parties for friends. On top of that I was always interested music and technology, so I started buying records as well, and began to introduce myself in the electronic music scene. Gradually, I started learning about making music, releasing on labels, etc…


CF: how was neovinyl born? you started off with a netlabel and have now transitioned to a digital label, how would you compare both experiences?

The idea grew out of creating a platform where people could listen to our own productions for free (Neovinyl is owned both by Baldo & best friend Carlo). If people were to download our first productions today, they would certainly feel the evolution we’ve experienced, that to us is something really beautiful. When we first started, the netlabel explosion hadn’t begun and we really had little idea of what we were supposed to be doing.

We can’t really say we’ve dropped the netlabel side of things altogether, we are simply running parallel projects with the netlabel (free) and the digital label. We are slowly releasing music on the netlabel for more experimental and personal projects these days, because there’s bigger room for risk taking. With the digital label, we’ve taken a step forward towards making our music known to a different crowd. All in all, both projects have provided us with amazing experiences and they’ve helped us mature as artists and introduced us to different people and artists.

CF: what do you normally listen to at home? which are your top three favorite albums ever?

I listen to a lot of different things. In fact very little of it is electronic. Lately I’ve been listening to Caribou, Grizzly Bear, Lindstrom & Toro y Moi. As far as favorite albums, it would take me forever to make a final decision, but there is one that comes to mind, which is Adore by Smashing Pumpkins.

If you’re on spotify you can check out two playlists that I like to keep current with new and old favorites:

dancefloor orientated favorites
and this one is more varied

CF: what is your favorite thing about barcelona?

The weather, friends who live here, regularly good club lineups & parties that last all night long!

CF: what can we expect from yourself and neovinyl in 2010?

I’ve just released a track (the perfumed kiss) on Microfreak with a remix by Daniel Kyo. Also in June, there will be two new remixes by myself coming out on Clock and on Redmo. This summer I’ll take a break from production under my own name and will focus on a new project called Plus One, which is formed by Miguel Colmenares and myself. We will finish some remixes and original tracks for release after summer.

Regarding Neovinyl, June 17th sees the release of an EP by Maik Yells with remixes by Tom Ellis and Carlo. Afterwards comes an EP by V.Rotz with remixes by Rene Breitbarth and Oren Bi. Then we have a series of release planned with artists who’ve already release with us like Echonomist, Miguel Colmenares, Ham N’ Cheese and Loops, as well as some new artists, such as Denite, Pete Lazonby and Hain Dutt. We are trying our best to keep our workflow steady!