janet davis: colectivo futurecast 008

The next installment of the Colectivo Futurecast comes courtesy of K.atou aka Janet Davis. Our main girl from Athens, Greece delivers a stunning one and a half hour long mixtape, collecting some of her favorite cuts to cruise to. You can normally find K.atou spinning choice house & techno cuts around the globe, but when her alter ego takes over, be prepared to expect the unexpected. If you’re looking for a selection to space out to, this is just what you need.

Artwork borrowed from a painting by Jannis Kounellis.


“My alter ego Janet (Davis) made this mix as a collection of 1.5 hours of all the songs she likes to hear when she cruises on her car around the beach and sings along with open windows… most of the tracks, I have passed countless hours listening to on repeat. It’s the non-techno music I like to hear whenever I’m not in a club and ranges from classical, to shoe-gaze and ambient, indie, and soul. I have been as lazy as a mexican donkey for the longest time to record a mixtape for myself and be able to hear it from time to time, so it’s nice to finally make it happen on this occasion. This mix also includes a lot of influences and eternal music loves.”

01 Blues Brothers Intro (Loved the movie so bad)

02 Auburn Lull – Season of False (Got this album from a friend and always wondered how the season of false sounded like)

03 Art of Noise – Moments in Love (Caspa Remix)

04 The Bad Plus – Giant

05 John Adams – The Chairman Dances

06 Broken Social Scene – Capture The Flag

07 Fink – Trouble Is What You Are In (My friend Budolas showed me the amazing music of Fink.. this song makes u feel u are in love with nothing)

08 Grouper – I’m Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill (It simply has a pretty rad track title)

09 The Go Find – The Party (Very sweet summerish music for girls with flower dresses and boys that try to sneak to see their panties)

10 Grizzly Bear – Ready, Able

11 Bobby Karate (aka B. Pronsato) – Jay’s Object

12 Roxy Music – My Only Love (If only Bryan Ferry could be the father of my children…)

13 Slowdive – Erik’s Song

14 Marine Girls – Love to Know

15 The Black Keys – The Flame (I’m a big fan of blues and good whiskey! have spent days with this track on repeat… great example of modern blues)

16 Quincy Jones – Soul Gaga

17 Prince – The Beautiful Ones (Super sexy genius musician… great for dry humping)

18 Yo La Tengo – The Love Life of An Octopus

19 Television – Marquee Moon

20 My Bloody Valentine – Touched (Loveless is probably one of the best albums ever)

21 Mogwai – Punk Rock

22 The Rolling Stones – Miss You

23 James Hunter – No Smoke Without Fire

24 Fleetwood Mac – Keep On Going (Vitelli Remix) (Always thought of this as a nice track for an ending)