leonid: colectivo futurecast 031

We fell in love with Leonid’s penchant for deep, underground music from the moment we heard his first EP for Statik Entertainment back in 2008. Here’s one of those rare artists that in this day and age doesn’t conform to any half-assed standards, instead what you get is a man with a real passion for the music that he enjoys the most. This becomes more evident the minute you catch him playing records in real life, which we had the opportunity to do a few years ago in Madrid, the city where he now resides. This mix is a journey through the mind of Mr. Paul Smith. DO LISTEN!

Artwork borrowed from a triptych by Francis Bacon.

CF: how and where was this mix recorded?

The mix was recorded at home with two Technics 1200 MKII decks, a Vestax mixer and recorded via the Midas Venice 320 to an Alesis Masterlink recorder.

CF: tell us a bit about your music background. how have your tastes evolved throughout the years and what kind of influence did the Dublin scene have on you early on?

Started off listening to early European hardcore techno, then got into the Rave (Prodigy, SL2 etc. from that era). Then got into Techno, Electro and House. I’m into all types of music to be honest but when it comes to buying records it’s usually House and Techno. The Waterford scene was what got me into House and Techno in the beginning, that’s where I grew up and lived until I was around 18. At that time there was a really good House and Techno scene and there were really good local DJs and good little clubs. When I lived in Dublin in 1997/98 I was buying mostly techno records and going to places like The Kitchen (co-owned by U2’s Bono) to see the likes of Surgeon, James Ruskin, Claude Young, Mark Broom, François etc.

CF: without sharing any top secrets, what can you tell us about your preferred method of making music? do you use any analogue equipment? is there a particular hardware or software you couldn’t do without?

It’s all hardware, a mix of analogue and digital synths, drum machines, effects units, pedals. I don’t use a computer because I just started off in the beginning buying hardware and gradually adding new machines over the years. I couldn’t do without my MPC because it’s what I sequence with. I aslo love the Alpha Juno 1 with the controller. For the price it’s a great synth and sounds great.

CF: what do you normally listen to at home? which are your top three favorite albums?

At home I normally don’t listen to other music too much, I’m normally either in the studio playing around. That’s down to the amount of free time I have though. When i do put music on it’s normally stuff like Plaid, early Warp, A Tribe Called Quest, Drexciya and some mixes. Top 3 is a hard one! These are three of my favourites:

As One – In With Their Arps, And Moogs, And Jazz And Things (Clear)
A Tribe Called Quest ‎– Midnight Marauders (Jive)


CF: what is your favorite thing about living in Madrid?

The weather!

CF: what can you tell us about you plans for the future? are you currently working on any music? any releases that should be coming out soon?

Plans are to try and get more releases out, hopefully something before xmas. Nothing confirmed yet, but it will happen.