nitzan edit: colectivo futurecast 016

  • Nitzan Edit
  • Fine Art Rec
  • New York, USA
  • Edit | F-A-R
Kicking off 2011 in style, our Futurecast series is back in action with a mix by multifaceted creative Nitzan Hermon of Fine Art Rec. fame. Having recently moved his design studio to New York City, Nitzan has been busy as of late coordinating the wonderful Edits by Edit collection of uniquely designed posters based on different music genres. For this episode of the futurecast, he provides a varied mixtape that touches up on experimental electronica, techno, and electro (the Detroit kind); providing a suitable soundtrack for late night excursions.

Artwork taken from a gradient design by Nitzan Hermon.

CF: tell us a bit about yourself. how did you get into music? when did you decide to start your own label?

After moving to London and DJing for some time I wanted to extend things a bit — a friend built a flash based blog (long before blogs or WordPress were around) and I started posting some reviews over there. I did a bit more reviewing for magazines but was quite keen on getting the label going. It took some time to get all of the music ready and arrange for distribution links but in Jan 2007 we had the first release out.

CF: Fine Art focuses on the graphic side of things as much as it does on the music. where does the graphic inspiration come from? why is it so important for you in particular?

Well ,being a designer is clearly a very important part of it. The label is a great platform to experiment with different ideas— may it be the MVSICA CD (which I did together with Sawdust) or the Fabrice Lig iPhone app (a collaboration with RJDJ).


CF: aside from running the label you also curate a blog and several art projects. how do you manage to balance all these different activities to stay productive and focused?

That’s a tough question to answer — I guess I like the variety of it all, and the way it ties in together at times. In some ways I see all of it as one activity — the curation process and the execution of concepts.

CF: you recently curated a collaborative music poster project that’s been doing the rounds on the internet, including publications such as the guardian or design milk. how did the project come about? did you ever anticipate such feedback?

That was the launch project for Edit (my creative moniker) — I initially came across Exergian’s work for Blanka and figured it would work well applied to music genres. The project took almost a year to put together and I am really pleased with how the posters came out. Blog and press response has been heartwarming.


CF: what do you normally listen to at home? which are your top three favorite albums ever?

That’s a (very) tough question. Since I stopped DJing (regularly) my taste has really changed — I still buy records (and almost always play vinyl only radio shows) but I am definitely getting different stuff now. 3 favorites albums is going to be practically impossible to list, but 3 albums that I like and can think of right now are:

Laurent Garnier — Unreasonable Behaviour
Beastie Boys — Ill Communication (or maybe Paul’s Boutique)
Depeche Mode — 101

CF: what can we expect from Fine Art Rec and your other projects in the future?

The next 2 releases are from Capracara (with a Diskjokke remix) and Herman (with a Vakula remix) — other than that there is a very interesting concept for a limited CD debut from a new artist on the label. As far as Edits there are a couple of concepts for iPhone and iPad in the making as well as a possible typography/css publication.