sello: colectivo futurecast 030

Sello is the pseudonym of an up-and-coming house producer based in Düsseldorf. At first sight, he might just look like a character from a Scorcese film, but if you look closer you’ll encounter a music lover who first fell in love with hip-hop. If you listen to his productions, you’ll quickly notice a fresh take on classic house with an evident feel-good sound. On this edition of the Futurecast, he lays out an hour-long set of deep summer vibes that will keep our spirits high during the coming winter nights.

Artwork borrowed from a C-Print by German photographer Andreas Gursky.

CF: how and where was this mix recorded?

Right now I only have one turntable at home. So I have chosen the easiest way and looked for my favorite tracks to mix them in my studio with Ableton. Some of the tracks are classics, some are more new stuff.

CF: tell us a bit about your background in music? early on you were interested in hip hop, can you tell us a bit more about that and how your tastes have developed through the years?

In the beginning I started with classic US Hip Hop of the 90ies. My brother influenced me. Later on his music taste developed in a weird direction, but that’s another story. Anyways, at that time I did not understand a single word of the lyrics, but I simply liked the flow of those tracks I guess. Soon after, I started being the DJ when hanging out with friends. So my interest in music was constantly growing.

Talking about my first record, it was a German rap record. As I didn’t understand the US rap lyrics I felt more comfortable with German. My first real gig was in a church. This one was actually my first and last hip-hop DJ set. Weird night! A little later I started feeling more and more attracted to electronic music. I was collecting and categorizing tracks like a nerd on and on for probably 2-3 years.

Today I like everything that makes me wanna dance. I guess you can get a feel for that on this podcast.

CF: what can you tell us about your approach towards making music? any particular software or hardware that you prefer to use?

Well, I don’t have any special soft- or hardware. I rather work with a huge sample library I collected within the years.

CF: what do you normally listen to at home? which are 3 of your favorite albums past or present?

At home I prefer to listen to old records I bought from second hand shops. Mostly Reggae, Soul, and Funk. But I listen to the local radio station as well. About my favorite albums:

Dr. Dre – 2001
Sade – Promise
Cypress Hill – Black Sunday


CF: what is your favorite thing about living in Düsseldorf?

Well, sometimes I love living here, sometimes I hate it. But I guess almost everybody feels the same about their city. We don’t really have that many clubs that provide good club music anymore. But yeah, I was born and grew up here. What can I say. But I would like to move out some day, at least for some period of time.

CF: do you have any plans to release music in the future? how would you like your career in music to evolve?

Well there’s a lot coming up, but I’m not sure if everything will come out this year. I’m pretty close to finishing my album which will hopefully appear on Wazi Wazi Music. As well there will be 2 new releases on Neovinyl. Another new project is a collaboration for some tracks with my buddy Elef.

The only thing I could wish for in terms of how my music career should evolve is to be able to release as many vinyl releases as possible. I mean, digital releases are ok, but in the end.. I can’t give my mother a file as a gift If you know what I mean.