anders blickmann: colectivo futurecast 011

  • Anders Blickmann
  • Radio Universidade de Coimbra
  • Coimbra, PT
  • Origami | RUC
Anders Blickmann is the alter ego of portuguese radio DJ André Tejo. He considers himself to be more of a broadcaster and educator rather than your average DJ, which makes sense considering he’s been a part of one of Portugal’s most important independent radio stations for quite some time now. As part of Radio Universidade De Coimbra, André has been plying his craft as an educator in electronic and deep music by becoming an integral part on four of the station’s shows.

Artwork borrowed from a piece by Portuguese artist Nadir Alfonso.

CF: how and where was this mix recorded?

I made the mix using traktor and my old pc.

CF: tell us about your radio shows on Radio Universidade de Coimbra? what sort of music can people expect to hear on your broadcasts and what is the concept behind them?

I’m currently involved in 4 radio shows: Origami, Autobahn, Velcro and Umlaut. Origami is a daily show dedicated to a lot of genres and sub genres of electronic music. We play techno, house, idm, hip-hop, dub, disco, dubstep, etc. There’s no boundaries. We just want to make people dance. That’s our goal. We’re a team of 5 broadcasters, so the approach often changes depending on the man behind the table.

In Autobahn I’m totally by myself. I started the show back in ’06 and the show is focused on the best german techno and house.

Velcro is a prime time show where me and Tiago Eiras introduce one or two brand new albums… We talk about the LP’s, the biographies of the artists, their careers and stuff like that… in a very relaxing way… with some laughs and a very, very good mood.

And finally, there’s Umlaut. Umlaut is inspired by the relation between silence and odd noises. I host the show along with João de Almeida and Diogo Santos and there you can listen to idm, ambient and experimental stuff.

CF: how did you get involved with RUC? how has working in a radio broadcast changed your outlook on DJing and music in general?

When I was ten or eleven years old, I had my first contact with a radio station, back in school – it was a Radio Club created by a professor… and since then, I always wanted to work on a radio. So I tried to become a part of RUC. Radio Universidade de Coimbra is the oldest running university radio station in Portugal, a free-form independent alternative radio station and also a radio-school. I took the course and after a year of internship, I started to host a few shows.

When I look at myself in the mirror I don’t see a DJ, I see a broadcaster. When I listen to a record, I always want to know who did this, how, where… so I can present the music accurately to the listener. The most exciting thing about working on a radio station is the power to share: you can introduce new stuff to people, you can talk more in-depth about it or you can just play the tunes that you like. When you’re DJing the most important thing is just entertaining. When you’re hosting a show you can actually “teach” something using music and words.

CF: what do you normally listen to at home? which are your top three favorite albums ever?

I listen to techno, house, dub, more experimental tunes… While I’m eating and cooking (dinner or lunch) I enjoy listening to jazz. The “top three albums”? Can we make it ten or twenty :)? Wow… it’s a very, very, very (…) hard question, but ok

Isolée – Rest
Bruno Pronsato – Why Can’t We Be Like Us
Burial – Untrue


CF: what do you normally listen to at home? which are your top three favorite albums ever?

My friends and family. Most of them are here. Coimbra is a city full of students. It’s good and bad at the same time, ’cause there’s always a party.

I really love the architecture of the town. Some of the greatest buildings of Portugal are here. Oh, also: the nature! There’s a lot of beautiful places around. The Mondego river, the Sea (from Coimbra to the nearest beach is about 30min), mountains, awesome fields of rice, corn, peas… (Baixo Mondego) Love It!!

CF: wwhat can we expect from yourself in 2010, both production and DJ wise?

I have no idea! really! I think I’ll be DJing just for fun. I’ve got a lot of tunes that I produced in the last months. Maybe I’ll find a label interested in my work. It would be just perfect!