ben v: colectivo futurecast 048

This edition of the Futurecast has been delivered by fellow music head, selector, writer, and frequent collaborator of CD-R Projects and Chimurenga, Ben V. He’s also one of the nicest and most knowledgeable cats around when it comes to music. Instead of doing an interview for this one, Ben was kind enough to write a few words about his mix, which you can find below, accompanied by a selection of some of his favorite record covers. You can also catch us playing a few records together at Shutterbug for Boom Music on Friday, October 10th.

Artwork conceptualized and created by Colectivo Futuro.

Words by Ben V

Moving to a new city, country, continent provides the chance to see the world afresh. The beauty, the mess. To (un)learn.

(Typically) This mix is somewhat conflicted but it’s a fair (recorded in one-take) reflection of music I’ve been touched by in the past couple of years and how I felt on a weekday evening at the @ Bass/This Is Our Music HQ in Woodstock, Cape Town. With the vinyl at hand. Parts can be read as a text whereas in other sections the vibe took charge and dictated what to play next. A letter to loved ones wherever they be.

With most of my records packed in London it’s exciting to get to dig out some gems, out of reach when in Cape Town, to play at your Boom Music event. October 10th is it? See yous on the dancefloor.