marcelino: colectivo futurecast 063

The futurecast returns after an extended break with an excellent mix of modern soul and r&b by Berlin resident and Altered Soul Experiment affiliate Marcelino. He’s also one of the dudes behind the Sanctuary label, which is due to start releasing edits in the near future. Listen to the healing sounds of Marcelino’s slow jams and have a read through our interview with him below.

Artwork is borrowed from a painting by Australian aboriginal artist Milatjari Pumani.

CF: How and where was this mix recorded?

At a friend’s house around the corner in Berlin. I used a pair of 1210’s and a DJR 400.

CF: What were your first encounters with music? How did you start digging for records?

I listened to a bunch of different things when I was younger, but nothing really that I would listen to anymore. My dad has a decent record collection so that’s where I became familiar with records. I bought my first turntable when I was about 14 and started to gather records from second hand stores and charity shops around town for a dollar or two. I couldn’t afford a second turntable so I just used to practice mixing out of a Sony discman.

Later that year I began a work experience at a local Melbourne record store called Rhythm & Soul, which is where I started to buy House. New records were quite expensive (ranging between A$17-20) and it was getting harder to afford as I dug more. Second hand electronic stuff wasn’t really an option at most stores I was familiar with so buying records gradually faded out for me. I managed to save up and buy a pair of brand new 1210’s that are safe back home at my folks place. I started buying records again when I moved to Berlin in 2012.

CF: How did you become involved with Altered Soul Experiment? What does a typical ASE party sound like?

I met Amila not long after I moved to Berlin. He was working at Bass Cadet Records in Neukölln. The store was a halfway home for a lot of locals. Always good vibes down there. Amila created the label Altered Soul Experiment in 2015 and I joined a year later to help start our residency at OHM Berlin.

We choose guests based around the output of the label and also selectors that fit the way we structure an ASE night.

The flow of the night is dictated by who we invite, however between Sanctuary and Amila, we share the role of warm-up duties before our guest jumps on to play an extended set – usually around 3am to close. OHM is a super intimate place with tight sound. There’s nowhere to hide so it creates a more focused evening.

CF: What about your other projects Sanctuary and Marcelino, tell us a bit about those.

I became close mates with two Australian guys just after I moved to Berlin. One I kind of knew from Melbourne and the other from Canberra I met in 2013. We were all buying records at the time and were lucky enough to find a flat together. Living together really encouraged us to dig, it made everything blend easier. We started Sanctuary in 2014 where we ran parties and played various gigs together. One moved back to Melbourne last year so there is only two of us now.

Marcelino is just an alias of myself. Mainly when I’m playing solo and making edits.

CF: What do you normally listen to at home? What are 3 of your favourite albums past or present?

I tend to predominantly listen to Soul, Funk and Boogie – more Jazz and downtempo stuff in the morning and quite a chunk of Hip Hop. I still listen to House music at home, usually when I’m digging for it.

Norman Connors – Mr. C (1981)

This album is super versatile. Tracks for every time slot. Packed with slow jams and faster grooves. “Love’s In Your Corner” is a great track to split up your set. “Keep Doin’ It” is also a biggie. So many levels to this cut and heavy on the vocals. This guy stays in the bag.

Gang’s Back ‎– Lies In Disguise (1985)

Huge party vibes on this album. “Don’t Use My Heart” is the cut that sticks out the most for me. The intro is primo. “Magic Touch” is also a good fav with killer percussive, melodic and soulful vocals and loud pounding synth bass. Their first album is also worth checking out.

Da Grassroots – Passage Through Time (1999)

Plenty of goodness within this record. This album comes into rotation at least once a week. “Thematics”, “Price Of Livin’”, “Political Proverbs” and “Drama” are all heat. “A Mother’s Love” is also a better 40 seconds of your life.

“Black Dove” is number one on this for me. It samples “Feel Like Making Love” by Monty Alexander from 1975. Smooth from front to back.

My trade – my duty – my drug – my love – my shit

My what?

Black Dove

CF: What’s your favourite thing about living in Berlin?

There’s quite a few. The strongest would have to be being surrounded by musicians and music lovers – from people that have been in the game for a while and others that have landed their taste by moving here.

Other reasons that also rise to the top would have to be chill and cheap living. It was a decent change moving from Australia to Europe. It’s easy to get caught up in it all when you first move to a different environment, especially Berlin. After a while, like most of us, I settled into a nice rhythm and found the direction I wanted to pursue with music. I think it’s one of the better hubs in Europe to locate yourself for creativity and affordability. I think that’s extremely important.

CF: What do you guys have coming up next, both party wise and through Sanctuary?

Well the bi-monthly parties at OHM that we started March last year. We have a nice little selection of artists coming up until mid next year so looking forward to that. We will also be playing a House Of Wax party in Globus Bar at the start of September.

We are heading back to Australia for 5 weeks at the end of the year so a bunch of playing time keeping us afloat. Melbourne scene is keeping super fresh so it’s always a bit of a hoon catching up with friends.

We are currently in the works of starting an edit label. So most of our free time tips towards that. Living in Berlin is such a great learning advantage when it comes to music so that’s another favourite thing.