moreon: colectivo futurecast 005

The 5th installment of the Futurecast is provided by Moreon, a long time member of the Venezuelan electronic music scene coming from the city of Barquisimeto and now residing in Barcelona, he’s known for a no-nonsense approach towards music and life. Allow your ears to sink into an hour of abstract grooves and electronic funk.

Artwork borrowed from a painting by Venezuelan artist Mateo Manaure.

CF: how and where was this mix recorded?

It was recorded at my home, in my room with full AC (103 Farenheit outside), 2 Technics MK1210 + 1 simple 2 channel mixer + Serato Scratch

CF: how did you start djing? where would you say you got your first influences from?

I started working in the production of a local electronic radio show in 2000, which was ran by some friends on Barquisimeto’s La Mega 103.3. The show was and still is called DJ Time. My first influences were the “early” rave scene of Venezuela, Jeff Mills and Plastikman to name a few artists & the decadence of rock and “alternative rock” music in the late 90’s.

CF: what is the state of the electronic music scene in venezuela, what do you think is missing from it? where do you see it going in the future

The main problem lies in the political, social & economic crisis in general, particularly caused by the “Nu style” dictatorship of you know who (Mr. Chavez). With regards to the dance scene… there are too many new talents that remain unknown because there are no clubs, promoters or places to make the scene grow. As long as the political system remains intact, the scene will continue to deteriorate. Thankfully though, as a result of the internet, there will always be producers and DJs with a will to create something new and innovative. A current example is a 15 year old DJ called LM aka Leonardo Machado who has already been featured on the Soul Clap podcast.

CF: what do you normally listen to at home? which are your top three favorite albums ever?

Ever… ummm, not easy! From my childhood to this day, these come to mind:

Michael Jackson – Bad
Beck – Mellow Gold
Ricardo Villalobos – Thé Au Harem d’Archimède


CF: what can we expect from yourself and from inverzo records in 2010?

Holt m07h38 0f c8r1s7… Inverzo is becoming really difficult to handle at this time & where I’m living, but towards the end of the year I’m moving to Europe, specifically to Barcelona. Hopefully things get better there… But I have to say that we have some really nice tracks to release really soon… an amazingly groovy remix of “Trasero Religioso” by Miguel Colmenares, and pair of nice tracks from Ivan Chuckfish & Don Nadie.