sebastian herre: colectivo futurecast 004

  • Sebastian Herre
  • Produkt Schallplatten
  • Berlin, DE
  • Soundcloud
For our 4th issue we present a deep exploration into outer space, courtesy of Berlin resident, and long time friend and collaborator of CF, Sebastian Herre. For a few years he was label head and curator of Produkt Schallplatten; a label focused on delivering “deep, groovin’ music with a human touch”, qualities that are also present in his DJ mixes.

Artwork borrowed from a piece by Xanti Schawinsky.

CF: how and where was this mix recorded?

The mix was recorded with 2 turntables and an Ecler mixer at home. I was collecting almost only new releases for this mix, structuring them to a moody and interesting mix which you can listen to in different occasions. it’s supposed to sound like a mix from the radio…

CF: can you describe how produkt schallplatten came to existence? what is the concept behind the label?

Produkt Schallplatten is a small underground label, founded in 2006, releasing music by friends and people whom we respect for what they do. It has no genre rules, it’s all about deep, groovin music with a human touch. We sell both vinyl and digital releases.

CF: what is the idea behind the human interaction project? are there future plans for it?

Human Interaction is a kind of jam band including friends and core artists of the label like Miguel Colmenares, Red Kite, Santos Resiak, Walker and me. We started this project a while ago and there are always other friends joining for single tracks. Most of the productions will be released later in 2010 and we are planning more Jams in future.

CF: what do you normally listen to at home? which are your top three favorite albums ever?

I am listening to a lot of Funk Music and Disco when i like to relax after work. I love Jazz and World Music as well. My favorite albums would be:

Moodymann – Black Mahogani
Hamilton Bohannon – The Collection
Curtis Mayfield – Superfly


CF: what can we expect from yourself and from produkt schallplatten in 2010?

My next EP on San Francisco’s Nightlight Music is coming out in a month with Remixes by {a}pendics.shuffle and Jay Tripwire. Produkt Schallplatten will release more Human Interaction collaborations this year and will present new work from the core artists.