santos resiak: colectivo futurecast 037

We bring you an excellent, ice-cold mixtape from Santos Resiak. Hailing from Rosario, Argentina, but now residing in Oslo; Santos has been around the electronic music scene for quite some time now, crafting his own brand of groovy cuts and making dancefloors shake with his unique energy at the controls. Aside from being a passionate music lover; Dante, as he’s known to his mother, is also a character to boot. With an infectious personality, he’ll make anyone crack up a smile even during bad times. Perhaps that’s why we love him so much.

Artwork borrowed from a painting by Tomás Maldonado.

CF: How and where was this mix recorded?

This is the first time I approach a mix the same way I do when producing my own tracks. It’s not just a compilation, but I did some edits of my favorite songs; music I’ve been listening to for the past 10 years and brand new things too. I recorded it partially on airplanes and while being in Oslo using my laptop and sequencing in Ableton.

CF: Tell us a bit about your background in music? when did you first feel a connection with it and how have your tastes evolved up to now? who are some of your idols, musically speaking, past or present?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been hooked on music. It’s something that really came very natural to me. It’s one of those few things in my life that’s always been there for me.. My background is quite broad really, progressive rock is probably the first memory I have from those early days, bands like Pink Floyd and Genesis (post Peter Gabriel), but then my mom started buying electronic records and showing them to me and my brothers and that was it for me…

Matthew Herbert, Underworld, and Michael Jackson are without a doubt my idols. But with time I’ve discovered people who really inspire me not only musically but also in their way of thinking and their long term vision and projects. Daft Punk and Air really changed my vision and feeling for music production for ever, but it wasn’t until I discovered Brian Eno and some of the work he’s been involved with that I really started to admire the person behind the music and not the hype around the name.

CF: In terms of producing music, in which ways do you think your sound has developed from your first releases until now? what would you attribute this evolution to?

My sound has evolved for better or worse really. I still have some bad habits that I try to get rid off. Every time I achieve that, my music changes for the best. The habits I’ve kept are those that lead me to a focus on groove and harmony, I suppose on the early stages I had a more minimalistic approach and other times I tend to over use elements. These days I try to keep those two different approaches in balance. I’d say 70% of the time, that balance is nowhere to be found; it’s actually the quest for that balance that keeps me motivated to make music.

I’ll probably stop making music the when I no longer have a curiosity to improve and find different sound spaces. For the past 4 years or so I’ve developed a keen interest in producing more ambient, experimental music and other non dancefloor music. For some reason I haven’t been able to finish enough of this material that I’m proud of enough to release.. but that time is coming, hopefully sooner rather than later.

CF: What do you normally listen to at home? which are your top three favorite albums past or present?

This podcast represents a big portion of the kind of music I listen to when I’m not in the studio. if anything, it represents the kind of music I enjoy the most when I’m not near the dancefloor or when I don’t feel like being aware of my surroundings. It’s always near impossible to answer the question about my top 3 all time favorite album so in this case I’ll answer that in a partial way. I’m basing this top 3 albums ranking purely on the ones I’ve listened to the most in the last five years and in the past 2 weeks.

Helios – Eingya
Port St. Willow – Holiday
Underworld – Beaucoup Fish


CF: What is your favorite thing about living in Oslo?

Let me tell you it’s not the weather! The girls here are fun, which is good for me because I get easily bored and I’m still single, so that’s alright.

CF: looking ahead, what can we expect from you release wise? are there any projects or plans you would like to work on in the future?

Today I went to book a rehearsal room in Oslo, where me and two friends are going to start jamming and having a good time. So we’ll see what that brings… who knows, maybe we come up with something worth spreading.

Santos Resiak is a solo project I’ve had for a long time time now. I feel it’s time to bring it to the next level and projects like this one keep my excitement levels high.. Whatever the future brings, I’m just hoping for the best, but I do want to get involved with producing bands at some point.