shadi + seb: colectivo futurecast 006

  • Shadi Megallaa + Seb Steimel
  • Abu Dhabi / Berlin
  • Shadi | Seb
Changing things up with our monthly transmission of the Colectivo Futurecast, we have a very special mixtape session provided by two true funksters. One lives in Berlin, Seb Steimel, and the other in Abu Dhabi, Shadi Megallaa; when the two met at Seb’s studio in Berlin last summer and decided to record a mix, things went in an unexpected direction. The result is a collection of classic tracks, ranging from old school hip hop, passing thru Johnny Cash, and touching on some serious funk business.

Artwork borrowed from a collaborative piece by Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

INFO & LINER NOTES by Seb + Shadi

“It was a nice summer day in Berlin last year when me & Seb (Steimel) decided to walk down the street and grab ourselves some fat burgers. It was while we stuffed our faces and watched passers by that we imagined a party where there were these great DJs playing in the bathroom of a club. The were so awesome to the point where everyone eventually heard & the party moved to the bathroom. With that thought in mind we proceeded to go back home & record the mix we titled. Royal Flush sessions Vol 1 (Pun intended). Dig in, Zone out & always remember to flush!”

01 Intro

02 Langhorns – The Quiet Surf

03 The Meters – Cissy Strut (Shadi: I absolutely love the groove on this tune. I’ve had it as my ringtone for as far as I can remember. Love it so much I would keep it ringing a while before I eventually picked up. A simple funk groove at its best. Anything by the Meters is guaranteed slickness, but this one is my JAM!)

04 Vildensky – 3 (Prins Thomas’ Lille Uhell)

05 De La Soul – Magic Number

06 Medeski, Martin & Wood – End of the World Party (Seb: I chose this one for the very special moments when you just realize that you don’t have any toilet paper left [or a giant meteor is crashing in your flat])

07 Parliament – My Automobile (Shadi: There had to be at least one Parliament-Funkadelic tune on the mix. I love the playfulness of the intro. Its just a jam session they had in the studio where you can hear them all exchange ideas. P-Funk all the way baby!)

08 The Jackson 5 – Dancing Machine (Shadi: Keeping on the funk-soul tip we didn’t have to look much further than MJ. Loved the older Jackson 5 stuff where it was all playful & super funky. R.I.P MJ)

09 The Violent Femmes – Blister in the Sun

10 Johnny Cash – 3 Feet High and Rising (Shadi: Johnny Cash is a BAD ASS & hence had to be on this mix. It was after we heard the mix over & realized that De La Soul sampled this same song on their Magic Number track which we played easily. It was completely by chance, but was a very pleasant surprise for us)

11 Bruno Nicolai – Spy Chase

12 Eric Clapton – Cocaine

13 Love Joys – All I Can Say (Seb: My friend Miguel fell asleep on my sofa to this track, so I had to include it!)

14 Beck – Go It Alone

15 The Bambi Molesters – Sun Stroke (Seb: this track allows your dreams of palms, perfect waves, surf-rock to flow at their best!)

16 Stealers Wheel – Stuck in the Middle With You

17 Jerry Lee Lewis – Great Balls of Fire (Shadi: You might have a problem with Jerry marrying his 13 year old cousin, but you’d have quickly forgot about that once you saw his raw stage antics & skill behind a piano. This tune makes us smile & hence made it on the mix)

18 Pass Into Silence – Iceblink with Jackie Brown Outtake (Shadi: We snatched a snippet of audio from Jackie Brown, from the scene where De Niro & Bridget Fonda are puffin a bong. There is a lesson to learn here folks, its never too early in the day to puff!)